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Bristol Loft Conversions Things to consider before starting your loft conversion project 

The number of loft conversion and kitchen extension specialists that now operate in Bristol and the surrounding areas has increased dramatically in recent years. Adding more space to your existing home can be great for both you and your family, but this is only the case if the job is done professionally and finished the way you’d like it to be. 
It goes without saying, but there are lots of things that need to be considered when hiring a building firm and it’s not a decision you should make without lots of careful consideration. Beyond deciding on a dormer or Velux style conversion considerations have to be made for the staircase, lighting, storage, soundproofing and any potential changes to the plumbing. 
To help get the ball rolling we’ve pulled together a number of things we advise you think about before starting your project. 

Bristol Loft Conversions Another Bathroom 

Lots of people want a loft conversion to create space for a new master bedroom and an en-suite bathroom. If this is something you’re thinking of doing, don’t forget that you’ll need to speak with a plumber, either directly or through your main building contractor to find out about feasibility and if your plan is likely to cause any problems down the line. 

Bristol Loft Conversions Staircase 

The layout of your house and style of staircase you plan to use to gain access to your new loft space is one of the biggest decisions you’re going to have to make. You’ll have to think about how much space it will take up and whether a spiral staircase may be the most practical option. 

Bristol Loft Conversions Lighting 

You will also need to give careful consideration to both the natural lighting and lights you’re going to have installed. How many windows are you planning to have? Will these be south facing? What sort of lights do you want the electrician to fit? 

Bristol Loft Conversions Storage 

If you decide on a Velux style conversion, then there is a great opportunity to make use of the eaves for extra storage. Creating cupboards here can help free up more space throughout the rest of your home. 

Bristol Loft Conversions Soundproofing and Insulation 

If you’re thinking of laying wooden floors throughout your new space, remember to add cushioning to minimise the noise heard by those below you. If you’re thinking about using the space as a bedroom you will need lots of insulation too. 

Bristol Loft Conversions Price 

Everybody loves a bargain, but when it comes to a loft conversion or adding an extension to your house cheap isn’t always best. If one of the building firms you’re speaking to is coming in considerably cheaper than all of the others, it’s usually worth looking at some further examples of their work and asking some more questions about the quote. 

Bristol Loft Conversions Experience 

How much experience does the firm claim to have, do they look like a they have just started up or have they got years’ of experience to backup the claims they make? 

Bristol Loft Conversions Examples 

Are they able to provide examples of loft conversions and kitchen extensions they have completed that are similar, both in terms of quality and style, to the project you are looking to undertake. 

Bristol Loft Conversions Further Proof 

Have a look at their website, Facebook page and elsewhere online.  
Do they seem like a reputable firm? are they busy (this is usually a good sign)? do they have many reviews from happy customers? 

Bristol Loft Conversions Seek Advice 

Remember that beyond this list, your own ideas and further research on the internet it’s important to speak with individuals that may be able to offer you advice from first-hand experience. 
Have any of your family or friends had a loft conversion? How does their conversion look? Did it come in on budget? How was the working relationship with their contractor? You might also look on the many community groups that are now popping up on social media to see if others in your local area have had a loft conversion. Did they need planning permission? Did it cause any issues with the neighbours? 

Bristol Loft Conversions Quote for the job 

Last, but by no means least don’t forget to talk with the different contractors you are asking to quote for the job. 
Any contractor worth their salt will have bags of knowledge and experience they can share with you. Ask them if they think your idea will work, if it will bring enough light in and if it will ultimately be the extra space you’re looking for. If you’re based in Bristol or the surrounding South West and want to discuss a loft conversion or extension project your considering, feel free to contact Bristol Loft Conversions. 
You can speak with a member of our team by calling our Southville office on 01172 440 127, by mobile at 07572 880 316 or by sending an email to 

Bristol Loft Conversions Trust your gut 

Finally, the building firm that you are looking to work with will be in your house for between 4-6 weeks. Do you get on with the contractor that’s given you the quote, do you think you’ll click and do you think they’ll be able to deliver your project? 
Here at Bristol Loft Conversions we have over 17 years’ building experience. If you’re looking for a reliable and trustworthy firm to deliver your loft conversion or kitchen extension to an exceptional standard then please get in touch today. 

Bristol Loft Conversions Get in Touch 

You can speak with a member of our team on either 01172 440 127 or 07572 880 316. Alternatively, you can call into our office at 46, North Street, Bedminster, Bristol. 
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